With its intricate web of life forms and habitats, our planet depends on biodiversity, defined as the variety of living species from all sources including land, marine and all other ecosytems on Earth and the ecological processes of which they are part. This includes diversity  within species, between species and of ecosystems

“Why is biodiversity so important? The answer is simple. We all want to continue living in a country where we can watch birds, go fishing, walk in nature, swim in lakes and rivers, and do all the activities that take us outdoors while enjoying fresh air and clean water. . . . . Examples of nature at work can be found everywhere: the process by which plants filter carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us to breathe; the naturally occurring filtering of drinking water; the species responsible for enriching the soil in which we grow food; the pollination of plants that enables new seeds to grow; the role of oceans in the regulation of our climate. Biological diversity is vital to maintaining life on Earth and to ensuring a clean, safe and sustainable environment.

Habitat loss, the spread of non-native species, climate change, pollution and overconsumption all contribute to a decline in the variety of living species and threaten nature as we know it.” Reference Environment Canada:

pdf: Nature at Work Why Biodiversity Is Important ToYou  

For further Canadian biodiversity information, visit:

Biodiversity Canada

Environment Canada

Canadian Biodiversity

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