72nd Carleton Place Christmas Bird Count, December 27th 2022

On December 27th, the 72nd Carleton Place CBC was conducted.  It was a mild day with lots of snow on the ground as 33 observers took to the field and 25 residents did the feeder watch.  There were 47 species and 7233 individual birds recorded, neither of which were record highs but jolly decent numbers all the same.  It was the year for the return of Bohemian Waxwings at 965 (you can tell them from Cedars by their jaunty berets worn while enjoying café and pastries and if you listen closely you can hear philosophy and art being discussed).  As well there were more Evening Grosbeaks at 282 than in many of the past years.

Two species records were set with 166 Mallards and 139 Cardinals.  A smattering of raptors was seen as well as a couple of owls (Barred and Great Horned) but nary a Snowy to be seen. Redpolls, Siskins and Crossbills were hard to find.

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