2022 April Morning Bird Walks Break Species Record!

By Michel Gauthier

With the COVID restrictions finally out of the way, we are happy to say that an average of twenty-five birders participated in each of the four April Morning Bird Walks held by the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists (MVFN). Finally free of eyeglass-steaming masks, our participants eagerly scanned woods and fields in search of anything that flies.

Hermit thrush

And the birds, as if they knew that this was the first birding events unrestricted by the pandemic in two years, showed up for the party. And boy, did they show up!

We set a record for the number of species, and we almost matched the record for the greatest number of birds, missing the mark by only 90 birds. And that’s not all: We recorded three species for the first time: Palm Warbler, Wilson Snipe, and Cooper’s Hawk.

You can see in the charts and table below that we have been recording the number of species since 2009, and starting in 2017 we included not only the number of species, but also the number of birds for each species.

We would like to thank all those who participated, and we look forward to continuing our effort next year!


Species List 2022
American Black Duck Downy Woodpecker Palm Warbler
American Crow Eastern Bluebird Pileated Woodpecker
American Goldfinch Eastern Meadowlark Purple Finch
American Robin Eastern Phoebe Red-winged Blackbird
American Tree Sparrow European Starling Ring-billed Gull
Belted Kingfisher Golden-crowned Kinglet Ring-necked Duck
Black-capped Chickadee Great Blue Heron Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)
Blue Jay Hairy Woodpecker Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Brown Creeper Hermit Thrush Ruffed Grouse
Brown-headed Cowbird Hooded Merganser Rusty Blackbird
Bufflehead House Finch Song Sparrow
Canada Goose Killdeer Swamp Sparrow
Chipping Sparrow Lesser Scaup Tree Swallow
Common Goldeneye Mallard Turkey Vulture
Common Grackle Merlin White-breasted Nuthatch
Common Loon Mourning Dove White-throated Sparrow
Common Merganser Northern Cardinal Wilson’s Snipe
Common Raven Northern Flicker Winter Wren
Cooper’s Hawk Northern Harrier Wood Duck
Dark-eyed Junco Osprey Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Yellow-rumped Warbler

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