Connecting people with nature in Ontario's Mississippi Valley

Paddling Program

MVFN organizes canoe/kayak trips throughout the spring and summer months taking ad-vantage of the bounty of lakes, rivers and streams in the region. The program culminates in a canoe camp in the fall.

The focus of the paddling program is “Seeing Nature from the Water’s Edge”. These trips do not cover wide open water, rough water nor portages but stick to shore lines, creeks and wet-lands. The pace is slow to avoid startling wildlife and ensure good viewing.

Day trips usually last four hours with a stop for a picnic lunch. Participants must be a member of MVFN or be sponsored by a member who is also going on the trip.

Canoe Camp is a four-day event, usually held in early September and usually in Algonquin Park. It is a static camping experience and two canoe trips that last five hours. Again, theme is “Seeing Nature from the Water’s Edge”. Trips explore along shorelines, creeks and wetlands but do, on occasion, have to cross open water and portage short distances.

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Each participant on a trip must have a Personal Flotation Device, sound signaling device, a heaving line and a bailer or pump.


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