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Local Plant Species

A complete list of all the plants which might be found in our local Lanark county area is of course an extensive one. Unlike, for example, the list of snakes, which contains only nine.

The list includes many plants in unique rare habitats within the region. At any time, the list could be subject to update.

Fortunately,  local expert and botanist David White has created a website Plants of Lanark County at On this site, there is a complete list of species and also discussion of significance of certain rare species and their habitats.

Plants of Lanark County by David White


Even in one 24-hr fall day during MVFN’s Bioblitz many plant species were identified, i.e. on the Bell Bushlot in Mississippi Mills. For a list of these, please see the the report of the species seen that day: Bell Bushlot Bioblitz Report.