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MVFN Nature Notebook Sighting

A sighting sent in December 15, 2017. Photos by Nat Capitanio

“Yesterday, we spotted a Fox at the back of our property. He was on the hunt and my husband, Nat Capitanio, was able to observe him as he did his “pouncing” and caught a mouse or a mole.”

Lise Balthazar, Sheridan Rapids



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MVFN Nature Notebook Sighting

A sighting sent in October 27, 2017. These photos seem to set just the right mood for Halloween:

“Early one frosty morning, we noticed a multitude of spider’s webs among the tree branches, shining in the rising sun, some of them blowing in the wind.”

Lise Balthazar, Sheridan Rapids

Webs in the trees-2 Nat CaptanioWebs in the trees-4 Nat Captanio

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MVFN NatureNotebook

MVFN NatureNotebook sighting and photos received August 2, 2017 (from Sheridans Rapids):

“The other day, I was filling a bird bath when I saw a bright thing coming out of the watering can; at first, I thought it was a leaf but I soon realized it was a tiny frog!! I rescued it and Nat took several pictures. It was about 1 inch long.
We also spotted a bright green snake, about 10 to 12 inches long.”
~Lise Balthazar
NOTE: Although the frog is green, the large, expanded toe disks and dark marking behind the eye, suggest it is a Gray Treefrog (Hyla versicolor). The snake is a Smooth Green (Opheodrys vernalis)
Gray Treefrog 2 photo N. Capitanio

Smooth Green Snake 2 photo Capitanio


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MVFN Naturenotebook

Male Monarch Butterfly

“It was a beautiful morning at High Lonesome on June 28 with nature as it should be. Attached is a photo of a male Monarch butterfly that was feeding among the wild flowers and here in plenty of time for Canada Day.”

~ Howard Robinson

NOTE: for information about High Lonesome Nature Reserve in the Pakenham hills, visit


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MVFN Nature Notebook

Recent Sighting and photos sent in June 12, 2017 by Lise Balthazar:

“The Bluebirds have been extremely active feeding their babies.  I have been keeping a close watch in the hope that I might see them fledge. The other day, after a rainstorm, the parents took a break for a little dip in a puddle.”


“During one of our walks, we spotted a few Cedar Waxwings.”




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