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MVFN Nature Notebook sightings received July 11-13, 2018

Lise Balthazar (Sheridan Rapids) reports “I have a multitude of juveniles in my backyard: Grackles, Sapsuckers, Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, and a family of Crows which has been very entertaining to watch, even though they wake me up every morning at 5 a.m. “

Here are some of the photos sent by Lise.

Also, a Bobolink. Lise writes “I know that the Bobolink population is declining and it’s always a treat when we can spot one”.




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MVFN Nature Notebook Sighting received May 8, 2018

Lise Balthazar is seeing many spring birds near her home in Sheridan Rapids and in the area, including these swans. She sent in these beautiful pictures of the swans on a pond near Watsons Corners.

All photos by Nat Capitanio

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MVFN Nature Notebook sighting received April 26, 2018

Howard Robinson (Clayton, ON) sent in the following report and photos:

“The Tom Turkeys were strutting in their regalia while the hens seem more focused on feeding. See attached original photos taken through the window Wednesday morning, April 25, 2018.”



NOTE: According to a press release for a 2010 MVFN talk by Cathy Keddy: “Wild turkeys unlike their domestic relatives, are strong agile fliers and are said to be ‘wild and wary to the point of genius.’  These cautious creatures have good eyesight and feed during the day, thus being quite visible to people and prone to receiving erroneous accusations relating to crop damage.”

Happy Spring!

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