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Grosbeak sighting May 1

Black-Headed or Rose-breasted Grosbeak?

An MVFN Nature Notebook Sighting:

Location: Sarsfield Road just south of Magladry Road, Ottawa. Time and Date: 2 pm May 1/16 . Conditions: cloudy with a bit of rain. Sighting sent in on May 1, 2016 by Mark Dabrowski.

NOTE: Possibly a very rare (to this area) Black-headed Grosbeak. See our post of a sighting in Pakenham in 2003  ; or an adult female Rose-breasted Grosbeak?

Grosbeak Dubrowski
submitted photo:  Mark Dabrowski
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Northern Flicker, Old Perth Road

Northern Flicker

MVFN Nature Notebook sighting:

Northern Flicker at feeder, Old Perth Road during the Spring snow storm, April 6, 2016.

Sighting sent in April 6, 2016 by Beverley Hunter

NOTE: If anyone has a local photo of  Northern Flicker to share for this post, please email Thank you.

IMG_5484 (1280x960)


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Fox Sparrow

Recent Sighting of Fox Sparrow, March 25, 2016

Old Perth Road: We had a fox sparrow lurking in a small tree near our feeders, but the traffic of more aggressive birds seemed to keep him away.

Tim Pullen

photo by Thomas Pullen

Fox sparrow


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Harbingers of Spring in Clayton

MVFN Nature Notebook: March 7, 2016  

I heard and saw two red wing blackbirds in Clayton by the lake behind the United Church this evening @ 6:00 p.m.

Spring IS coming!!!

Brenda Boyd

Photo MVFN file; photographer unknown (Howard Robinson?)

IMG_6376A Red-winged Blackbirds abound


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