Canoe/kayak Routes
Imagine a bounty of lakes, rivers and streams right in your own backyard and you’ll want to find out more about our canoe & kayak journeys. All single-day canoe and kayak journeys described in MVFN’s 2007 guide/map publication are in Lanark County, located in the heart of Eastern Ontario, just 60 kilometres from downtown Ottawa, Canada’s capital. MVFN has a regular summer-fall program of MVFN canoe/kayak outings. See links under outings and canoe/kayak outings. MVFN's publication Lanark County Canoe & Kayak Journeys is available free of charge from MVFN. The map and pdf of the 26 canoe route descriptions featured in Lanark County Canoe & Kayak Journeys  feature sections on “How to get there”, “The Launch Site”, “The Paddle”, what to “Watch For” and “Seasonal Information” for each route.

See below a locator map with numbers corresponding to each of the canoe journeys described.Click on the map to open and then use zoom to enlarge.

North Crotch Lake

North Crotch Lake

This newly described route suggestion is not included in MVFN’s first edition Lanark County Canoe & Kayak Journeys

How to Get There: From Perth, take Hwy. 511 to County Rd. 16 north of Hopetown. Go west on # 16 through Lavant to County Rd. 509. Go north on #509 to village of Ompah. Just before the fire hall, turn south on South Bush Road to the boat launch on Crotch Lake.

The Launch Site: There are two sites, past the rapids.

The Paddle: Take your pick, according to winds. Many bays, also wetland creeks at end of bays. This is all Crown land. Many picnic sites.

Watch For: Many camping places available by permit. For camping information

Seasonal Information: Good until freeze-up

New Canoe Journey- Bob’s Lake

Bob’s Lake

Bob’s Lake is west of Perth and south of Maberly and a little outside the perimeter of our present canoe trips. However, after having explored it, I think it is well worth doing.

How to Get There: From Maberly, which is west of Perth on Highway #7, go south on Bolingbroke Road (County Road 36) to the hamlet of Bolingbroke. Turn west on Crow Lake Road about five km to Bardour Road. This road only goes south. Follow along until you reach residence #392A/392B.

Launch Site: Just past this residence about ten meters, the road narrows between two bodies of water. Park here and put in your canoe on the east side (to your left). There is only enough space to launch one canoe at a time.

The Paddle: This section of Bob’s Lake called Mill Bay contains many bays and islands and we found it took all our time to canoe just this part of the lake, including lunch time. There are a couple of small islands that make a good stop for lunch.  Keep your directions straight, don’t get lost and, enjoy!

Watch For: We paddled through a wonderful channel of wild rice, put up many ducks, mostly blacks, and studied an osprey nest on a small island.

Seasonal Information: Good all open season. Please respect posted property.

New Canoe Journey – Bennett Lake

Bennett Lake (Not on Canoe Guide):

How to Get There: From Perth, travel north on County Rd. 511 to Balderson, then west on County Rd. 7 to Fallbrook, then west on County Rd. 19 (Bennett Lake Rd.) 2 km to Ennis Rd. Follow on Ennis Rd. to Ennis Cottages (approx. 6 km).

The Launch Site: Boat launch site at Ennis Cottages. Launch fee $2.50 per vessel.

The Paddle: 1) Follow the lake shore clockwise and into Fall River and Fagan Lake. Several lunch spots on islands. 2) Follow the lakeshore counter-clockwise into Fall River to dam and back. Lunch at small park at dam, with permission.

Watch For: 1) Many small coves with various duck species and wild wetland flowers.
2) Rare black tern nests and other marshland birds.

Seasonal Information: Beautiful fall colours. Good both ways until freeze-up.

Canoe Journeys- The Waterway:Hogg Bay/Big Rideau/Loon Lake Loop

The Waterway:Hogg Bay/Big Rideau/Loon Lake Loop

How to Get There: Six km south of Perth on County Road 1 to County Road 21. Twelve km to Murphys Point.

The Launch Site: At the main beach on Hogg Bay. Site fees apply.

The Paddle: Recommended direction for prevailing winds from the west: paddle the narrow channel from Hogg Bay into Big Rideau Lake and keep to the left shoreline around the point into Noble Bay. Paddle almost to the end of the bay, then portage 100 m into Loon Lake, then second portage of 100 m into Hogg Bay. Picnic at McParlan House (Hogg Bay), natural beach or point (Big Rideau) or Park Store (Loon Lake). Camping available at 14 boat-access campsites (613-267-5060 for info.).

Watch For: Black Creek rapids, Burgess Sawmill ruins and restored homestead (Hogg Bay).

Seasonal Information: Park open from early May to Thanksgiving, camping or day-use vehicle permit required. Canoe rentals available late June – Labour Day.

Seasonal Information: Park open from early May to Thanksgiving, camping or day-use vehicle permit required. Canoe rentals available late June – Labour Day. 

Canoe Journeys – Upper Tay to Christie Lake

Upper Tay River to Christie Lake

How to get there: Take highway 7 west past Perth to Glen Tay Junction; turn south over the RR tracks to Christie Lake Road. Go West on Christie Lake Road approx. 20 km to Hanna Road. Take Hanna almost to County Rd. 36.

The Launch Site: Small gravel launch site at only place river comes close to the road. Off load canoe and park on roadside lay-by.

The Paddle: Upstream for a km, brings you under a bridge and to head of rapids Or go downstream, into Christie Lake. This whole river, almost devoid of habitation, is very beautiful, with many turns, wetland bays, wildlife. There are a few places to stop for lunch and a swim (with permission of property owners). On reaching the lake, take the shoreline with least wind resistance.

Watch for: Remnants of logging era on bottom. Small island in lake, directly out from mouth of river is great for swimming and picnic.

Seasonal information: Good until freeze-up.